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LG Shoes provides high-quality footwear manufacturing and design services, working closely with brands to bring their unique designs to life. With expertise in prototype development, material sourcing and production, our team is committed to helping brands and agents take their footwear to the next level.

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Key Features and Benefits

Why us?

  • Dedicated Brand Account Managers

    Our brand account managers are committed to understanding your unique needs, preferences, and goals. They ensure clear communication, seamless project coordination, and swift issue resolution, making your experience with LG Shoes efficient and stress-free. With a deep understanding of the footwear industry and our manufacturing processes, our brand account managers are here to ensure your brand’s vision is brought to life with excellence, from concept to delivery.

  • Obsession with Quality Control

    From the design of the model to the choice of raw materials and delivery to customers, every pair of shoes produced by LG Shoes must meet stringent quality requirements. This commitment reflects our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality control throughout the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

  • Experts in a Variety of Construction Methods

    LG Shoes guarantees that the appropriate technique is used to satisfy certain design and functional needs by having knowledge of building methods including Montado, Waterproof, Blake, Moccasin, Strobel, San Crespino, and Sacchetto.

Construction Methods

Explore LG Shoes' extensive knowledge and proficiency in the following construction methods. Partner with us today to create footwear that embodies craftsmanship and innovation.

Montado: Experience the advantages that set this shoes apart

Explore LG Shoes' expertise in Montado. Immerse yourself in the unique advantages offered by this technology, and witness the artistry and craftsmanship that define our shoe manufacturing process.

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Waterproof: Keeping your feet dry and comfortable in any weather

Discover the power of water resistance with LG Shoes' expertise in the Waterproof construction method. Dive deeper into our skills and explore how this technique can enhance your brand's footwear collection.

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Blake: The advantages of precise stitching and a streamlined design

From sophisticated dress shoes to stylish loafers, our expertise in the Blake method ensures a clean and seamless look that exudes timeless elegance. See how we can apply this refined craftsmanship to your brand.

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Mocassin: a powerful combination of craftsmanship and versatility

The versatility of Moccasin construction allows us to create a diverse range of styles that cater to different fashion preferences, so you can elevate your brand.

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Strobel: Experience the lightweight construction and a glove-like fit

From athletic shoes to casual sneakers, our proficiency in the Strobel method ensures a perfect balance of flexibility and comfort.

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San Crispino: Handcrafted beauty and superior craftsmanship

Step into a realm of artisanal excellence and unlock the possibilities by exploring our expertise in the San Crispino construction method today.

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Sacchetto: Offering unparalleled comfort for extended periods of wear

Premium footwear experience characterized by exceptional comfort and a sleek, tailored aesthetic. Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our expertise in the Sacchetto construction method.

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